High Speed Tractors

Dear Caroline,


I fully understand your concerns.


For future reference, I looked at the www.monksilver.org website this morning, and under “Monksilver Parish” and “Councillors Information”, the Parish Clerk is named as Tamsin Spens with her email address asmonksilverparishcouncil@gmail.com .   She lives at Merry Cottage (opposite Roy and Sylvia).   As she is out at work during the daytime, an email to her is probably the best means of contact.   Nevertheless as the clerk’s role between meetings is largely to make sure that any problem issues are passed in the right direction, it is perfectly in order to contact me or any other councillor.   Different councillors are dealing with different aspects of the council business.


Regarding the high-speed enormous tractors, we are all aware of the problem, particularly following the partial demolition of the bridge wall opposite The Old Post Office.   This was debated at the Council meeting in May.   You can read the minutes of that on the website; items 11.1 and 11.2 are the relevant items.   A few further points:

  • The problems are occurring as the result of farmers, instead of farming compact farms, are, I am told, buying or renting parcels of land remote from their farms, and this means travel between them.
  • Tractors are now very big, and I cannot see how we can reverse that trend.
  • I know the police were involved following the bridge incident, but I had not heard about any ban through the village; I cannot see a logical alternative route from Stream to Willett (assuming this is the same source of traffic).
  • The repair of the bridge was immediately put on the County Highways action list, but we have been told that they have a long backlog of work which will happen first.  As it happens, the “roadworks” are probably contributing to slow the traffic down.
  • If we cannot control the sizes of the tractors or ban them from the village, the only thing we can try to do is to slow them down or educate the drivers to be more careful.   As the drivers are, we understand, contract drivers rather than local residents, we need to do this through the farmer and you will see that Ross was going to write to the farmer Richard Giles, and this he did on 29th May.
  • Regarding other ways of slowing the traffic down, the suggestion made by Christine Lawrence related to advising drivers that they were exceeding 30mph on entering the village.   As 30mph is probably too fast anyway, this option was not followed up.  There may be other traffic calming measures feasible, but keeping cars parked on the highway is probably fairly effective.
  • John Notley is the Parish Councillor designated as responsible for liaison with Highways and I am copying him with this in case he wishes to add / subtract anything.


I will ask that this is again on the agenda for the next meeting on the 19th August.   You are obviously welcome to attend.


Best wishes,



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From: Caroline HALEY [mailto:cahaley15@hotmail.com]
Sent: 18 July 2016 11:09
To: Mervyn Orchard-Lisle
Subject: Parish Council Matter


Dear Mervyn,


As I am unaware of the name and contact details for the new Parish clerk (the website still has Ross’s details listed), I am emailing you as the Chairman of the council, with a matter that concerns me, and I suspect several others.


It relates to the matter of the huge agricultural tractors and containers that periodically have a day where about 6 of these travel through the village in a shuttle run, the most recent being Thursday July 14th, occurring  from approximately 9 am until 6pm.

In my opinion, they travel far too quickly and have no regard for any animal or pedestrian that may be walking along the main road.

I was working in the front garden and lost count of the number of times I heard screeching brakes, where they either met with another tractor from the convoy head on, or another unsuspecting vehicle outside our house on the bend in the road.


I fully understand and appreciate we live in a rural setting, and that agricultural activity is going to take place, but I fear that these much bigger tractors and containers that are driven by young men, have no consideration in the way they conduct this activity.


I was under the impression after the accident with the wall caused by one of them the last time they had a day conducting this shuttle run, that the police were involved and had banned them from travelling through Monksilver, and to find an alternative route?


I would be grateful if you could raise this at the next meeting, and feed back to me,as I am very worried that before long a very serious incident is going to occur.


Many thanks,




P.S I also wondered when the wall from the previous accident is likely to be repaired? I fear that too could be an accident waiting to happen with people taking the bend too fast and not being aware that the carriageway is narrowed just beyond.



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